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We would venture to say that cars are one of our most valuable possessions. Regardless of what kind of car you own, you have to have some pride in it. Usually, cars like to be housed in the garage, because the shelter protects paint from rain, sun, and any other environmental threat. Your garage is essential to keeping your car protected—meaning from burglars and vandals, of course. When the garage door isn’t working, this protection is compromised. A non-working garage door is almost as scary as a front door without a deadbolt lock.

Garage Door Springs Are The Heart And Soul Of Your System

When your garage door performance goes down the tubes, it could be a matter of many different problems. Only a professional garage door tech from Arvada Spring Garage Door Springs can best diagnose and treat the problem with your door. Garage door springs are most often the culprit because they take the brunt of the heavy lifting action. Garage door springs are engineered to last for at least 3 years under normal conditions; some have lasted for decades.

There are many different components of the entire garage door mechanism, each with a different task to perform. When one of these parts stops working, the whole garage door suffers. Often times, a broken part will cease operation of the garage door entirely. One thing is for sure: when one of your garage door springs fails, your garage will seem impossibly heavy to lift manually. It is then that you realize how important and convenient garage door springs have become.

Your Garage Door Spring Is The Unsung Hero Of Your Garage

Though many people assume that the motor does the heavy lifting of the door, it’s actually the springs. Arvada Garage Door Springs uses the highest quality garage door springs that are extremely resilient and durable. Springs come in different sizes and types—information that a garage door professional will help you digest—for each and every garage door style. If you are worried that your springs might be getting old, you can do a visual inspection to make sure that they are free of rust and other debris. It is wise to do a safety assessment of your garage door seasonally, to catch other potential dangers, as well. If you discover anything out of the ordinary or unsettling, be sure to give Arvada Garage Door Springs a call to keep the door in tiptop shape. In particular, when doing a walk-through inspection, make sure that both springs look exactly the same.

Your Garage Door Spring Is Very, Very Powerful

Arvada Garage Door Springs feels it is our obligatory duty to warn all readers and customers of the dangers that garage door springs can present. When one of those heavy-duty springs snaps, it will cause quite the ruckus. The springs are under such great pressure; some people claim that the sound is similar to that of a blown tire, or a gunshot. We highly discourage attempting to replace or repair a spring on your own. The injuries associated with garage door spring accidents aren’t cute, and are completely avoidable. Let the professionals use their infinite garage door wisdom to safely and successfully bounce your garage door back to life.

It’s not until they break that we realize how much easier certain appliances make life. Garage doors are something that we use multiple times a day. When your garage door stops working because of a spring or a sensor, call Arvada Garage Door Springs to have a professional friendly technician fix it fast!

Arvada Garage Door Repair Will SPRING Into Action

The most common garage door problem may be a broken spring. As mentioned, the springs are basically the muscle that lifts and closes the door gradually and smoothly. Garage door springs are made out of galvanized steel that can withstand hundreds of pounds of weight. The average steel garage door is only about 150 lbs, so these springs can lift and close that bad boy all day long.

When a spring snaps, though, it must be replaced by a professional ASAP.

And by a professional, we mean of course Arvada Garage Door Repair.

Arvada Garage Door Springs

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Arvada Garage Door Springs

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